idDots Motor Vehicle Aerosol Applicators have 10,000 microdots

SANS requires that 10,000 microdots need to be fitted to vehicles. 

idDots supply 12,000 microdots in our vehicle applicator.
Our product is a 0,58mm Nickel based microdot and the information is readable from both sides. The microdot, due to the way it is manufactured, cannot loose any information and is chemical and heat resistant. The eco-blend proprietary adhesive we developed will not discolor and it provides a smooth high quality finish once applied. The microdots are sprayed with a aerosol applicator and it does not rebound due to its minuscule mass and inertia resulting in the majority of microdots being bonded onto the surface.


* idDots Microdots is the latest generation of microdot technology
* The Microdots are manufactured from Nickel and is 0,58mm in diameter
* A PIN number is etched through the body of the microdot. This ensures that the information on the Microdot will never be lost and can be read from both sides
* The Microdots are emerged into a eco blend adhesive and applied to a vehicle using a Aerosol applicator
* Once applied and dry, the idDots are encased in a crystal-clear coat
* The tags are extremely robust and chemically resistant, able to withstand high temperatures without oxidizing and melting
* The fitted product has a high quality smooth finish that matches the vehicle finish it is applied too